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Immediate Territory

wall grid 3
wall grid 4 des



the body as an instrument of measure,

rules manufactured to it's divisions and dimensions,

drawing directly onto surfaces, imperfect grids,

creating transitional spaces based, not on absolute measure,

but on the thumb inch, span, cubit and fathom.

metron collaborative has received support and funding for the following exhibitions from Arts Council England, The Communaute de Communes du Val de Drome, and Oxford City Council


September 2005 - residency at Art in Situ, Drome Valley, S E France,

January 2006 - metron 06 'solo' exhibiton at Riverhouse, Walton on Thames

September 2006 - metron 06 residency and exhibition at the Ovada Gallery, Oxford

January - June 2007 improvised maps www.dispatxcollective - an online curatorial platform

October 2011 - Immediate Territory, group exhibiton at Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford



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